The TSB Experience

will prepare you to become a creative, diligent and exceptional business leader, period.

August 27, 2017 | New York City | The Glass Houses

What is The TSB Experience?

Successful entrepreneurs understand that it takes more than task mastery to thrive. Longevity and growth require superb organizational and management skills, financial savvy, and perhaps most important, consistent excellence in execution. TSB Planning & Design is a full-service event planning, design and production agency that has delivered on that promise for the last five years. The agency’s founder and creative director, Tricia Smith Brown, has more than a decade of experience creating jaw-dropping celebrations and experiential events for clients such as NBA All-Star LeBron James, Black Entertainment Television (BET), Cirque Du Soleil, Spike Lee, Live Nation, Nickelodeon, and NASCAR. Now an established industry leader, the creative entrepreneur is sharing her business savvy and talent with the masses through The TSB Experience, a series of exclusive one-day workshops that break down the “how-tos” of owning the company of your dreams and producing envy-worthy social and professional events. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to receive innovative, smart, and out of the box tips from Tricia Smith Brown, and her A-Team of experts.

How will The TSB Experience help you overhaul your brand?

The trajectory of a business is directly correlated to the scope of its owners’ skill set. The TSB Experience is designed to enhance attendees’ command of the universal best practices for entrepreneurs, regardless of the industry, and to ignite passion, creativity, and diligence. Attendees will spend the day learning the intricacies of executing a flawless event (a powerful know-how all business owners can benefit from), receiving answers to burning questions and even better, learning about the resources they’re missing and how implementing them ensures a bigger, better win.


The TSB Story: From Corporate to Business Owner
  • Learn more about creative director Tricia Smith Brown and how she uses the skills she’s honed working for industry titans to create a dynamic, profitable business.
  • Learn more about the soft skills that aid your transition from corporate star to kick ass entrepreneur and leader that your team respects and trusts.
The A-to- Z of Planning the Perfect Event
  • Learn how to develop proposals and presentations that visually capture clients’ interests and close the deal.
  • Learn how to use design to transform any setting, including selecting eye-catching tabletop pieces, creating innovative floral art, and customizing props and installations that create a high-end aesthetic — guaranteed to impress clients and guests alike.
  • Learn the nuts and bolts of event production, videography, and photography.
What You Miss Counts
  • Learn how to create a punch list of fine details—often missed—based on event type.
  • Learn how to identify event specific “must-haves” and why you cannot afford to cut them out of a budget.
  • Learn how to consistently deliver “The WOW Factor”, the big and small event elements that create memorable moments for clients and guests.
Industry Expert Panel Discussion
  • Meet the team that TSB Planning and Design depends on to bring their innovative visions to life.
  • What is it like working with creative director, Tricia Smith Brown? Learn how she thinks, pushes their creative limits and requires excellence.  
  • The Process: Working on a TSBPD design proposal – from understanding the vision to execution.
  • 15-minute Q&A
Show Me the Money: Everything You Need to Know About Business Budgeting
  • Learn how to structure prices for your services.
  • Understand when to utilize flat rates v. percentages when charging clients.
  • Learn how to determine the cash value of your time.
The Art of Client Relations
  • Develop the soft skills necessary to strengthen interpersonal communication with clients and vendors to ensure referrals/repeat business.
  • Develop the skills to manage the common “challenging” personality types you’ll encounter amongst clients and vendors.
  • Learn how to identify toxic clients and vendors—and how to move on!
  • Meet TSB Planning and Design VIP Client – hear about the TSB Experience directly from client perspective
How to Grow Awareness of Your Business with Social Media
  • Learn more about the value of social media and why you cannot afford to sign off.
  • Learn how to select the best social media platforms based on your business type and location.
Monetizing Talents Without a Big Brand
    • Learn how to set yourself apart and develop personal and brand identity.
    • Learn more about the intricacies behind establishing yourself as an industry expert and leader who’s worthy of 6-figure and 7-figure budgets.


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October 8, 2017
New York City | The Glass Houses


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